Stremsterfer farms

High Quality - Locally Raised

We raise our livestock without added hormones, steroids or constant levels of antibiotics. Cattle and swine are born and raised on our farm in Pleasant Plains. Cattle are fed a high protein grain diet, this along with the genetics allow them to achieve a level marbling and tenderness our customers demand. Many of them grading High Choice to Prime. Beef is also dry aged at least 21 days to enhance the product quality even further. 

Swine are also fed a high protein grain diet in a non-confinement setting. Cured ham and bacon are cured with Blue Ribbon Maple cure which provides a great eating experience without the added sodium. 

Our family takes great pride in raising our livestock to provide your family with a great tasting product. Our goal is to provide your family with safe, local, restaurant quality products you can enjoy at home. 

How to Order

Purchased on the farm by appointment. 

Delivery or Shipping is also available

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Our family providing your family great tasting locally grown products