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About Us

The Stremsterfer Family

Our Family

The Stremsterfer Family has been involved in the agriculture community located in Pleasant Plains, Illinois since 1910. The family farm is operated by Norm & Michele, Lee & Stacy (Colt & Colbie) and Travis (Dillon & Noah) Stremsterfer. Together we work to provide our customers with a high quality product weather it is seedstock or meat products.

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The Stremsterfer Family was established from a strong farm family background with Norman, Lee and Travis together sharing over 70 years of farming experience. Our philosophy of leaving the land in better condition than when we received it has allowed Lee and Travis to join Norman in the operation. We look forward to passing it down to our children, which will be the 5th generation!

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Stewards of the Land

This lifestyle isn't just about animals. 

It's about beliefs and values passed down through generations. 

Ensuring things are left better for those yet to come. 

It's all about Legacy.

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Prairie Creek Angus & Stremsterfer Farms

6785 State Rt 97, Pleasant Plains, IL 62677, US

Lee: (217) 741-4029 Norm: (217) 891-0363 Travis: (217) 414-4933